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Welshpool Livestock Sales

Created on 03/03/2020 @ 13:17
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Welshpool Livestock Sales report on the Sale at Buttington Cross on Monday.

OTMS (47)

A larger number of OTM cattle on offer this week, seeing a top price of £1052.50 (125ppkg) for a Charolais x OTM weighing in at 842kg from JA Williams, Llechwedd Ddyrys. MPB Ashton & Son, Belan Ddu made 148ppkg for a British Blue x weighing 657kg making £972.36. Younger cows (48-72 months) topped at £1349.36 (167ppkg) for a British Blue x weighing 808kg from E Gethin & Co, Tycoch.  D Jones & Son, Moelddolwen made 139ppkg for a Stabiliser x weighing 639kg making £888.21. Heifers under 48 months topped at £907.52 (128ppkg) for a Aberdeen Angus x heifer weighing 709kg from S Beamond, Dolhafren. M & K Brown, The Rock Farm made 153ppkg for a Limousin x heifer weighing 470kg making £719.10.

Averages of the day were as follows:

OTM Cows (33) 118.9ppkg / £754.67

Cows 48-72 Months (7) 131.6ppkg / £886.42

Heifers Under 48 months (6) 122.77ppkg / £762.63

Bull Under 72 months (1) 119ppkg / £1529.15

Overall Average 121.32ppkg.

For further information, contact Glandon Lewis (07774224999)


An entry of 3365 hoggs forward sold to return an average of 237.95ppkg, with a top price of 331ppkg for pen of pure Texel hoggs weighing 53.5kg making £177 from S & T Evans, Coedhirion, Camarthen.

A smaller number of hoggets forward this week, however sold to a much sharper trade than last week with any amount of the best quality, better shaped hoggs selling for over 250ppkg. Heavy weight hoggs

once again met a terrific trade with sharp competition throughout and a large amount of the 52kg plus hoggs selling for over 225ppkg.

Overall trade was strong throughout and vendors are encouraged to keep selling hoggs as they become well fleshed.

Lights (104) to 253ppkg from DE Morgan & Co, Cefntwlch. Others to 240ppkg from R Meredith, Hollybush. Average of 229.51ppkg.

Standards (725) to 250ppkg from RM Evans, New House. Others to 246ppkg from Messrs Thomas Bros, Cefngribin, CL & C Watkins, Bank Farm and GR & CM Cartwright, Home Farm. Average of 226.39ppkg.

Mediums (1320) to 287ppkg from G Watkins, Brynfa. Others to 279ppkg from MJ Williams, Pontyperson.  Average of 243.74ppkg.

Heavies (921) to 278ppkg from G Watkins, Brynfa. Others to 276ppkg from RA Davies, Llawnt Isaf. Average of 239.06ppkg.

*Please note, Belly clipping is strongly advised as premiums can be gained!*


This week an increased entry of 1767 cull ewes met another terrific trade with an overall average of £78.17 being achieved. A shortage of heavy ewes once again leading to the very best ewes being dearer on the week and the smallest ewes slightly less money. Top price was achieved by Tygwyn Farm Ltd, Cardigan that sold Texel ewes at £170, closely followed by S & T Evans, Coedhirion, Camarthen that sold ewes at £161. 158 ewes sold for over £120/head.

83 cull rams averaged £88.25 and sold to £137.50 from DB & ED Evans, Penyglog, Aberhosan.

Texel ewes to £170

Suffolk x ewes to £137.50

Mule ewes to £120

Welsh ewes to £101

Speckled ewes to £94.50

For more information, please contact Joe Powell (07764663197) or Sion Roberts (07852252371).


A seasonal entry of 7 cows and calves met with a solid trade on the ones sold.

Leading the way was GM & TNL Bennett, Tynypant with a Limousin x 1st calver with a British Blue x steer calf at foot which sold for £2050. At £1500 was an Aberdeen Angus x 1st calver with a British Blue x bull calf presented by NC & AGM Davies, Penysir. From DK Davies, Cwmydrefor was a Limousin x cow with a Limousin heifer calf which sold for £1450. Making £1180 was a British Blue x 2nd calver with a Limousin x bull calf presented by TG Davies, Home Farm.

For further information, contact Richard Evans (07764663192)


A reduced entry of in lambers sold to a good trade with 21 Suffolk x hoggs in lamb to a Beltex x scanned at 138% sold to £120 from SJ Smith, Penybryn.

Full mouth Cheviots scanned at 163% and 143% in lamb to Beltex x Texels sold for £92 and £93 from ET Gethin, Cwmcaebita.

As found Charollais scanned at 180% to Beltex and Texel rams sold to £120 and averaged £116.

Overall average - £111.92

For further information, contact Tom Davies (07764663193)


Slightly under the 100 mark and trade still seemed positive with men fighting for the best outfits.

Texels with singles sold to £298 and twins to £260 both from S & T Evans, Coed Hirion.

Aged Suffolks with singles hit £145 from JA Wildbore, Carreghofa Farm and twins to £190 from RBW Hughes, Dolhelfa Ganol.

Aged Mules with singles to £135 from Messrs Hughes, Dolhelfa Ganol and twins to £188 from RM Morris & Co, Coed Cowrhyd,

Other highlights saw Highlander ewes with twins to £202 from PWJ Agriculture, Welsh ewes with singles to £130, Dorset ewes with singles to £150 and Dorset ewes with twins to £231 all from PM Lewis, Dwylan.

Averages - £142.28/unit and £58.17/life.

For further information, contact Tom Davies (07764663193)


A reduced entry with a larger percentage being hill bred or smaller backward sorts again sold to a buoyant trade with the best keenly contented peaking at £110!

Theaves: Texels to £81.50 and Welsh to £66

Mixed & clean: Texels to £78, £76 and £73, Mules to £75, Welsh to £57, Beltex to £72 and Cheviots to £74.

Wethers: Texels to £74 and £66 and Mules to £79.

Tups: Texels to £110, £103.50 and £95, Speckles to £75, Mules to £58, Welsh to £86, £80 and £64 and Beltex to £77.50.


Theaves - £57.40

Mixed & clean - £62.95

Wethers - £73.25

Tups - £65.09

Overall - £62.31

Cade lambs to £20 and averaged £9.36

For further information, contact Tom Davies (07764663193)

Forthcoming sales:

Monday 9th March – Couples and In Lamb ewes

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