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30 days of fitness – Day 14

Created on 13/04/2017 @ 12:43
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It’s not the most exciting part of working out, but probably the most important.

The message from Great Fitness is clear and that’s to always warm up and cool down appropriately.

It may not sound a very exciting fitness tip, but the benefits are rewarding.

The team suggests a 10-minute jog (or another light exercise) just to get your blood flowing. Add in some dynamic stretches before you begin your work out too.

As for the end of the session, make sure you have a 10-minute stretching period where you run through the basic static stretches, both lower and upper body.

It may be the boring part of your work out but the main reason they advise proper warm up and cool downs is to prevent injury.

The last thing anybody wants is a pulled muscle, so the message is to remember this tip every time you exercise.

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