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30 Days of fitness – Day 18

Created on 18/04/2017 @ 05:46
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While most of us focus on what we do in the gym to reach our fitness goals, Great Fitness tell us that what you do outside of workouts is just as important.

Today they talk to us about rest and nutrition:

“Ensure you get plenty of sleep and rest if you want to maximise your results you’re getting from your work outs.

“It can be easier said than done depending on your lifestyle, job or your family, but going to bed that little bit earlier or waking up a little bit later may make all the difference.

“As well as improving how you generally feel day to day, rest allows your muscles to repair themselves fully, inevitably leading to huge benefits to your body.

“Nutritional tip: When you look at what the product you’re buying contains, keep an eye out on the carbohydrates column. Check out how many grams of those is sugar, because these also get stored in your body as fat.

“As for the fat column, you will need to check how many grams of fat are saturated as these are the worst fats for your body.”

Don’t forget you can find out more about Great Fitness at and ask Chris or Charlie for advice on how you can get into shape for the summer.

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