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30 days of fitness – Day 23

Created on 23/04/2017 @ 06:46
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Despite what you may have seen on TV or online, there is no quick fix to getting into shape.

On Day 23 of our 30 Days of Fitness, our fitness friends Great Fitness warn us to plan long term and while results can show quickly, there are NO short cuts to getting into shape.

Fitness instructor Charlie Proctor said: “A big one we see regularly is people in general tend to want a quick fix with their body shape.

“Although you can get results pretty quickly with the correct training and diet, you won’t get there overnight. There will be a lot of hard work to get where you want to be, so make sure you have that thought in your head at all times. The phrase ‘no pain no gain’ is very much true to an extent in exercise.

“All too often we see people turning to these fad diets off the television where you lose so much weight in a couple of weeks and so on. Most people then find they put all this weight back on due to this method not being sustainable.

“With regular sessions (whether its personal training or classes) people find they become fitter and healthier in a lot more of a sustainable way.”

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