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Day 7 – today we are rollin’

Created on 07/06/2017 @ 07:18
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Today in our 12 days of pre-summer fitness we are rolling, rolling, rolling with Great Escape….

“As a lot of our members may have seen, we have our little wheel in our abs area to perform ‘ab roll outs’.

“It’s a very advanced exercise which would indicate a very high level of core strength if you can do this correctly. You could also use a barbell with circular plates on each side alternatively.

“The best way to start is by doing the exercise on your knees, and eventually you can build up to possibly starting from your feet.

“Aiming for 12-15 roll outs three or four times is an adequate range to aim for, allowing your nose to almost touch the floor for the full benefit. This is one of those exercises we would advise to just be careful and take your time with, as they can be very difficult.

Snacks can sometimes be considered very boring when it comes to eating healthily. This is where peanut butter comes in.

“You can have it on your brown toast, in your porridge, in a shake, in your yoghurt, the list goes on. Obviously like anything, moderation is key, but peanut butter is high in good fats which is what we are looking for.

“It’s just a way of helping with those cravings we all get from time to time, as it simply tastes very nice!”


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