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Day 9 of June fitness tips

Created on 09/06/2017 @ 16:23
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We’re into day nine of our 12 days of pre-summer fitness tips and Great Escape has introduced an exercise that will test your core to the limit… which can only be a good thing!

Personal trainer Charlie Proctor talks us through it…

“Here is a good exercise for those of you that like testing your core strength. It’s called a glider push up.

“Many of you that come to our personal training sessions and classes here at Great Fitness will know the gliders very well, and are probably not too fond of them.

“It’s quite similar to a one handed push up in a way, but you push the one glider away from your body and push up with the opposite arm, alternating between them for usually around five or six reps on each. Your core strength and general chest and tricep strength will be put to very good use on this one.

“When it comes to nutrition, your post workout meal is a very important one so we want to make sure you are getting this right.

“You should be getting a good amount of carbohydrates like rice or a bagel with green vegetables, and a big source of protein and this is where your chicken or fish comes in.

“Always make sure you are refuelling your body properly around 30 minutes after a tough work out because that is when you need to aid the recovery of the muscles you’ve just used.

“Don’t think that just because you’ve just worked hard that you should now go and ruin it with a poor choice of meal immediately afterwards because you may be back to square one.”

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