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Recycling advice for Christmas

Created on 10/12/2019 @ 07:58
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Householders in Powys are being urged by the county council to recycle as much as they can over the festive season.

Powys County Council’s Waste and Recycling Team is reminding people to recycle as much as possible during the festive period with Adrian Jervis, Head of Highways, Transport and Recycling, saying: “Each one of us generates a huge amount more waste than normal during Christmas, but most of it can be recycled - from tin foil, food, glass jars and bottles to real Christmas trees, plain Christmas cards, plain wrapping paper, batteries, plastic bottles and more.

“Our crews will be working throughout the weekends to ensure that the usual weekly collections will take place only two days later during Christmas week and then only one day later during New Year week, so please remember to put all of your recycling out to be collected.”

The Waste and Recycling Team have produced some top tips to help households recycle as much as they can over Christmas:

Paper and card

Christmas cards that don’t have glitter on are recyclable (glitter causes issues in the recycling process as it can’t be removed). So remember to tear off any glitter sections or non-paper items like badges and batteries

With wrapping paper and gift bags there is the super handy scrunch test: if you scrunch it and it doesn’t spring back, then it can be recycled – sorted!

Cardboard packaging, including that from online shopping, can be recycled. Simply flatten to save space and remove any plastic or polystyrene. If possible, don’t leave it out in the rain– if cardboard is wet then mould sets in meaning it can’t be recycled.

Toilet roll tubes often get forgotten but it’s easy and worthwhile to recycle them.

If you’re not sure if something is made of paper or cardboard and is recyclable – then it probably isn’t.

Food waste

Your kitchen caddy can be used for all your food waste over Christmas including turkey bones, potato peelings, egg shells and tea bags.

If you have any leftover turkey, why not make some sandwiches or even a soup with it for your tea?


The busy festive period leads to a giant 13,350 tonnes of glass bottles being chucked out! So remember, if you have any glass bottles, including the empty cranberry sauce or mincemeat jars, put them out for recycling

Cans and plastics

Clean food and drink cans, aluminium foil, clean plastic bottles (rinsed, squashed, lids removed), aerosol cans, clean plastic food trays and clean pot and tubs can all be recycled.

Remember, soft plastics including cling film, carrier bags, bubble wrap and plastic magazine wrappers need to be placed in your black wheeled bin.

Real Christmas trees

When the festive season draws to an end, around 250 tonnes of real trees are thrown out when in fact they can be recycled if you take them to your nearest household waste recycling centre (but remove any decorations including tinsel and baubles please) and remember to check what days and time your nearest site is open by visiting

Remember, householders who will want to use commercial vehicles to take their Christmas domestic waste and recycling to the centres will need to apply for commercial vehicle and trailer (CVT) permits from the council and can do so by visiting

To find out how to recycle more at home this Christmas visit or 

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