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Hypnotherapy for NHS workers online!

Created on 18/05/2020 @ 08:07
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The two months of Covid-19 restrictions have seen us all adapt in some shape or form, but one businessman has taken his trade to a whole new online world.

Llandrinio-based hypnotherapist, Phil Collins, has been providing free Zoom sessions for NHS frontline workers since the Covid-19 clampdown began.

Phil said he has helped over 30 people from across the country from the Shetlands, Northern Ireland, England and Wales and has a waiting list of over 70 more wishing to receive his help.

He said that the main issues that people had asked help for were weight loss, anxiety and to stop smoking, all of which he specialises in.

“As I couldn’t see people face to face during this lockdown, I decided to offer free sessions (via Zoom/Skype) to people in the NHS who were saving our lives,” he said. “I put a post on Facebook and was immediately inundated with requests for help.

“Usually I only see people from a radius from where I practice but now I can use Zoom I can help people from anywhere.”

Asked whether it is safe to use hypnosis over the internet, Phil said: “Yes is the answer, hypnosis is a pure natural state, in fact most people have been in a hypnotic trance like state many times without knowing it.

“If you have ever driven from A to B and got there without realising that you have gone down a road or through a village or through a set of traffic lights, as if you were on automatic pilot, that is a state of trance.

“You are perfectly aware of the traffic, you aren’t going to have an accident, but you have got there without realising it.”

In addition, Phil said he puts in some safe guards so that if the connection was lost via Zoom or Skype the client would automatically open their eyes and be fully back to ‘normal’ and at the same time he would phone them to check that they are OK!

Phil said he will offer these free sessions to frontline NHS until the lockdown is removed.

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