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High school stages Lockdown Games

Created on 15/06/2020 @ 11:10
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Just about every sports event has been cancelled this summer, except one!

While the Olympics, Euro 2020 and Wimbledon have all conceded defeat to Covid-19, Welshpool High School decided the show must go on and held an alternative Sports Day.

The WHS Lockdown Games were introduced to make up for the loss of the annual day with pupils set nine challenges through Google Classroom to complete over three days.

Every challenge either had a ‘challenger’ or ‘legendary’ status, representing the difficulty of the task.

Pupils uploaded their results for each challenge, and there were bonus points for uploading video or photographic evidence.

“The staff even put together a promotional video showing them all preparing for the Lockdown Games,” said Wendy Langford, Head of PE, Welshpool High School. “There were also videos of staff demonstrating each challenge for the pupils to follow. Some fantastic team spirit.

“A big thank you to every pupil that took part, to your families and to all members of staff that got involved. Your participation and enthusiasm brightened up these challenging times.”

Challenges involved:

·      Total Teabags

·      Bottle Flip

·      Toilet Roll Catch

·      Marathon Challenge

·      SOUPerbowl

·      Balance the Bog Roll

·      Longest Plank

·      Push Yourself

·      Be Inspired

Overall Individual winners

Year 7


1st Liam Howard – 515

2nd Dylan Bartley – 485

3rd Joe Clapton – 375


Year 8

1st Gethin Pryce – 430

2nd Tyler Selley – 415

3rd Ollie Smith – 405


Year 9

1st Callum Morgan – 625

2nd Evan Watkins – 470

3rd Freddie Murton-Jones – 385


Year 10

1st Fred Meredith – 565

2nd Thomas Flowers – 335

3rd Ethan Magness – 180



1st Mackenzie McCourt -555

=2nd Hope Pierce & Eva Griffith – 390

3rd Evie Bowden



1st Taiya Griffiths – 430

2nd Hannah Martin – 405

3rd Carys Dillon – 395



1st Maddison Griffiths – 645

2nd Lilly Tulloch – 490

3rd Gwenyfer Kuipers – 405



1st Grace Jones – 545

2nd Katie Roberts – 410

3rd Zoe de Zeeuw – 120

Form Winners

Year 7 – 7CEv - 2770

Year 8 – 8AH - 2255

Year 9 – 9HBr - 3305

Year 10 – 10RPe – 1045

House Results

1st George North – 13861

2nd Gareth Bales – 9530

1st Katherine Jenkins – 8845

PICTURE ONE The Williams family all taking part in the Lockdown Games!

PICTURE TWO: Idris Wood takes on the Tea Bag Challenge.

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