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It’s spreading…

Created on 23/05/2016 @ 07:11
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Just a month after we highlighted the disgusting actions of some dog walkers in Welshpool, it appears their vile habits are catching on in Guilsfield.

We reported the story about a tree close to Salop Fields which had become a spot for some dog walkers to hang up bags of their pets’ poo.

Their actions were blasted by sensible dog owners who said the actions of the few were blighting the many.

But tempers are rising in Guilsfield where one popular walking spot has been hit by a similar problem (pictured), as highlighted by reader Clare Phillips.

“Volunteers have just spent a lot of time cleaning the area by the scout hut for Guilsfield’s ‘Best Kept Village’ bid and then someone does this? It is disgusting," said Clare.

“In general it isn’t a problem in Guilsfield, but why go to the bother of picking it up and bagging it, to hang it in full view of everyone who walks past which quite a few people do as it is a popular walkway to the scout hut and for walkers in general.”

Clare said she put the deposit in a special bin located close by, and hopes the publicity caused will shame the person responsibility to not do it again.

Welshpool’s dog poo problem has been causing a stink for some time with the town council vowing to clamp down hard on offenders, if caught.


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