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Get voting for Boogie Storm - there could be a secret Welshpool twist

Created on 27/05/2016 @ 15:25
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Liverpool dance troupe Boogie Storm are being tipped to win tomorrow night’s Britain’s Got Talent final – and there could just be a Welshpool twist.

The identity of the troupe, who wear Storm Trooper suits for their performances, is a strictly kept secret but MyWelshpool believes one of the members could just be from the town.

The troupe, who won Simon Cowell’s “Golden Buzzer” are from Jennifer's Liverpool dance studio and reports say that one member

has cystic fibrosis and another one had a broken back at the age of 17. He’s the one who does the backflips.
Simon Cowell has said that the group could easily win the contest so if there’s someone from Welshpool inside one of those costumes we should all be voting for them on Saturday night.

You can download the BGT app for 5 free votes for BOOGIE STORM on the ITV web site.

Let’s get voting – but if you know who is inside one of the suits DO NOT GIVE THE GAME AWAY. REMEMBER IT’S A CLOSELY GUARDED SECRET.

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