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Diabetes epidemic reaches 8,000

Created on 13/06/2016 @ 00:34
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A staggering 8,100 people in Powys are now living with diabetes, a health charity has announced on the launch of Diabetes Week.

Diabetes UK Cymru is highlighting the scale of the ‘diabetes epidemic’ as Wales now has the highest prevalence of diabetes in the UK with 7.1 per cent of people aged 17 and over are living with the condition.

The charity is also forecasting that by the end of Diabetes Week 4,500 people in the UK will have been diagnosed with this life-changing condition.

As the number of people living with the condition in the area and across Wales continues to grow the charity is hoping to raise more awareness of the condition. Throughout the next week, Diabetes UK Cymru and people living with diabetes will be highlighting the many myths and misconceptions that surround this complex and often misunderstood condition in order to drive up awareness.

Worryingly, new research released today by Diabetes UK shows there is still a lack of understanding surrounding diabetes, with many people not recognising the seriousness of the condition. A recent survey of 1,491 GB adults aged over 15 found that 53% of people are unaware that poorly managed diabetes can lead to often devastating complications such as heart attack and strokes. The poll also found that one in three people, when asked, thought that it was true that Type 1 diabetes was linked to being overweight, when in fact it is not linked to lifestyle whatsoever and there is nothing that can be done to prevent it.

The charity is concerned that confusions such as this could lead to people making false assumptions about the condition and are calling on everyone to become diabetes aware by urging them to take some time this week to learn about the signs and symptoms, especially when Type 2 diabetes can take up to ten years to be diagnosed, unlike Type 1 where symptoms tend to develop rapidly.

Diabetes UK Cymru’s Director Dai Williams said: “This Diabetes Week we are setting the record straight and focusing on the realities of living with the condition. There is still a lack of understanding when it comes to people being aware of the seriousness of diabetes and this worries us at Diabetes UK.

“There are now the highest ever number of people living with diabetes in Powys, which really highlights the current scale of the crisis.”

Despite the stark warning, the charity is also using the week to share many stories from people living with diabetes but who do not let the condition hold them back.

Mr Williams continued: “Diabetes Week is a time to share our concerns about the scale and seriousness of diabetes, but it is also a fantastic opportunity to highlight that with the right healthcare, support and management, diabetes doesn’t have to hold anyone back.”

Throughout the week, the charity will be asking people to share their stories of living with diabetes. For more information on how to share your story or to get more information on the week please go to

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