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Trash shocker in the woods

Created on 08/08/2016 @ 11:12
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If ever there is a definition of stupidity, it has got to be turning an area of natural beauty into a rubbish dump but leaving evidence with your name on it!

That’s what happened over the weekend when a popular area in the woods behind Guilsfield was trashed by what appears to be a group of youngsters celebrating exam results.

Empty booze cans, food wrappers and even a blanket and sleeping bag were left strewn across the area, and bizarrely a set of exam results with a name on was also left!

It has caused anger amongst walkers and runners that pass by the area and in a show of community spirit, one resident went up there with her son to clear it up.

“We were enjoying a beautiful run through our woods but came across what I can only describe as a disgraceful mess,” said Guilsfield resident Suzanne Sheppard.

“It was spread around a large area. We were disgusted. Surely if you're big enough to carry food and alcohol up into the woods, light a fire and camp out then surely you can carry the empty rubbish back?”

Suzanne then explained that she has taken a photo of the exam results with one of the suspected culprits’ name on as evidence. After posting a message on social media, one person commented that they believed the kids were even shuttled up to the woods by their parents in four wheel drives.

“I know local kids camp there, but I also know they are responsible and clear up after themselves and I did not recognise the name on the exam results,” she added initially on Facebook after first spotting the mess. “So if anyone knows who it is, send them back up there with several big bin bags and tell them not to spoil our woods!”

Dog walkers spotted the mess earlier in the day on Saturday and two residents, Sara Walsh and her son Iwan, went back and cleared up the area.


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