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Rat attack in town car park

Created on 09/08/2016 @ 00:59
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Rats are running amok near the recycling bins in Berriew Street Car Park, with a reader capturing them feasting in broad daylight (pictured)!

And the Town Council said that it too was becoming very concerned about the problem after Town Clerk Robert Robinson said he saw five rats himself within 30 seconds of inspecting the problem.

He said they are lobbying the County Council now for urgent action and will push for the recycling bins to be removed.

“The Town Council has been concerned about the level of rat activity in the Berriew Street Car Park which is mainly due to the misuse of the recycling bins - many sacks are left next to the bins with food in them,” he said.

“The Town Council is considering a suggestion to remove the bins which will reduce if not remove the problem. There are recycling bins at Tesco and at Potters. Most of the people who use the recycling bins in the car park come by car anyway.

“I personally was in the car park last Thursday and was there no more than 30 seconds when five rats came into view. I think they were younger ones as they appeared to be playing. One actually climbed onto the top of a front wheel of a car where there were two people having a drink with the doors open. I did not see it come out again but assumed it would have done.

“The Town Council have asked Powys County Council to action something. The Council will consider if they wish to support the idea of moving the recycling bins at its next meeting.”

Powys County Council has been asked for a comment which we will carry as a follow up once received.

PICTURE: Taken by reader Kylie Alder


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