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New timetable at Great Fitness

Created on 22/08/2016 @ 09:05
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A completely new timetable of fitness opportunities will be launched by Great Fitness and Chris Greatorex has been talking to MyWelshpool.

“It’s getting to that time of year again where the children return back to school and parents have some more time to their selves again-thankfully,” he said.

“So it’s a great time to look at diet and training for the run up to…dare I say it Christmas. Yes. before we know ladies will be thinking about getting into their black dresses and gentleman into their suits.

“So let’s get started – here at Great Fitness we have a brand new timetable being launched in September ranging from a new great pump class with Bethan Smith, new morning class and much more.

“We also have new offers on for September for our classes and our personal training packages, so if you’re looking for a one to one approach or small group training we have great offers available.

“With our personal training packages we always start with a assessment to find out information about you and what you require from your training in order to make sure your training program is tailored to your needs so you get the results you’re after.”

To find out what’s on offer at Great Fitness call 01938 559007 or contact: 

Class timetable starting Monday 6th September 2016: Gym times

Monday to  Thursday: 7AM-9:30pm; Friday 8-30AM-830PM; Saturday 9AM-1pm; Sunday 10am-2pm

Monday: Armoury spin  - 6-15pm-7-15pm; Tuesday:  Armoury spin – 6-30am-7-15am; Armoury spin - 7pm-8pm: Friday: Muay Thai - 6-730pm (not included in membership deals): Armoury spin 6-15-715pm

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