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EE’s Welshpool PR stinker

Created on 20/09/2016 @ 16:44
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EE’s lesson on how not to do public relations or handle customer complaints has continued with more words, and little action, from the communications giant.

After weeks of delivering mixed messages to frustrated customers and even telling MyWelshpool that they were sorting the signal problems caused by overgrown trees two weeks ago, they have now resorted to a member of their social media spin team writing an update from his personal account to a Facebook group set up for local users to vent their anger.

Richard Penaluna introduced himself as a member of EE’s communications team and provided the below update. Unfortunately, it is no different to what was being offered weeks ago with users wanting action not words.

Anyway, MyWelshpool, who verified that Mr Penaluna is a member of the EE team, carries his full message here.

“My name is Richard and I work in EE’s communications team. I have probably spoken to some of you already, as EE, if you’ve recently posted on our Facebook page about your signal issue. I saw that this group was set up to help EE customers in the Welshpool area, so I wanted to come here to provide you all with an update.

“First of all, apologies if you’ve received mixed messages from some of our customer service agents, they are very keen to help and a couple were not aware of the specific issues in Welshpool. We definitely know that there is an issue, and through our investigations we found that overgrown trees are blocking the signal between our site in Welshpool and the site to which it connects in the north of the town. The trees are not next to the masts, but in between them. We have a team currently working on this here at EE and we’re working with our partners on fixing this as quickly as we can.

“Our team met with the landowner this week to review the results of the helicopter survey we conducted, and we have another meeting arranged for the earliest possible date - tomorrow, (Wednesday) - with the landowner and a tree surgeon to discuss the work necessary to trim those trees and restore full service.

“We know how frustrating it can be to not have signal when you need it, and we’re sorry for the inconvenience caused while we work to fix the problem and are working to restore full service as soon as possible. I will come back into the group to provide updates on our progress or generally any information that may be useful.”

As you can read there is no mention of compensation for customers.


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