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Welshpool market report

Created on 06/10/2016 @ 08:32
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Messrs Morris Marshall & Poole and Norman Lloyd report the following results from an auction at  Buttington Cross on Monday

OTMS (24)

A much smaller entry of Otm cattle this week, topping at £1290.96 for a 792kg Limousin cow from JRS Hughes & Co, Lower Munllyn. Cows 48  - 72 months topped at £1017 from JJ Price & Co, The Farm, for a Limousin weighing 678kg. GH & Z Brown & Son, Rock Farm, presented a 603kg Limousin cow making £1055.25.

Otm (x17) averaged 116.34ppkg / £736.27

Otm Bulls (x1) averaged 94ppkg / £683.38

Cows 48 to 72 months (x1) averaged 150ppkg / £1017

Heifers Under 48 months (x1) averaged 121ppkg / £680.02

Steers under 48 months (x4) averaged 158.76ppkg/ £855.31

Overall average of 123.10ppkg


An entry of 3688 prime lambs sold to an average of 163.44ppkg.

Lights (145) to 159ppkg from M Morris, Bunyions. Others to 154ppkg from W Jones, Cwmfedw. Average of 147.87ppkg.

Standards (682) to 189ppkg from A H Jones & Son, Hirrhyd Berriew. Others to 180ppkg from L B Owen, Garth Vaughan. Average of 159.80ppkg

Mediums (1806) to 209ppkg from TG & EA Jones, Blaenwaen Ganol. Others to 208pkg from TG & EA Jones, Blaenwaen Ganol. Average of  165.57ppkg.

Heavies (812) to 198ppkg from J E Thomas, Graigwen. Others to 196ppkg from E L Evans, Derlwyn. Average of 165.43ppkg.

Over Weights (122) to 194ppkg  from T & B Williams, Cilmawr. Others to 176pkg from IM & SE Woosnam, 167 Sycamore Drive. Average of 161.07ppkg.


A good entry of 3384 cull sheep this week seeing averages of £45.71 for ewes and £60.16 for rams. Ewes topped at £89 from L Gethin, Tynywaen. M & H Owens, Glantre, presented 5 ewes making £88.50.

Rams topped at £116 for T & B Williams, Cilmawr.


Another strong entry of 983 store lambs entering the market this week selling to an overall average of £51.16.

Forward, continental x clean lambs still a good trade with some longer term lambs slightly harder.  Suffolk x wether lambs from A J Jones, Middle Farm sold to £66 with W M Wozencraft selling a pen of Texel x mixed/clean lambs to £64.50.  E Jones & Son, Penbontpren sold a run of Texel and Suffolk x mixed/clean lambs realising £64, £63.50 and £58.

Hardy, hill bred lambs selling from £27 to £35 with longer term lambs selling from £36 - £46.  Medium term Continental x clean lambs selling from £48 - £58 with forward lambs selling from £58 - £66.

Theave Lambs (239) averaged £52.54

Mixed and clean lambs (242) averaged £53.40

Wether lambs (104) averaged £55.08

Tup lambs (271) averaged £48.99

Mixed and tup lambs (121) averaged £45.60

Theave and tup lambs (5) averaged £50.

Sale of store lambs to commence again from 10.30am next Monday. 

Please note our next special catalogued store lamb sale will take place on Thursday 27th October 2016.  Entries are now being taken.  Please contact the market office for further information.


Despite not holding a Catalogued sale this week we had another outstanding entry of 1892 breeding ewes. Trade was somewhat harder although the best sorts were keenly contested with trade hitting £142 for a pen of 20 Welsh Mule Yearling Ewes from C J Thomas, Beili Ddol. The same holding entered a run of 220 being 115 welsh mules and 105 Texel x yearling ewes which averaged £123.

An annual entry of 119 cheviot ewes from G P Williams & Co, Bryndansi, 61 yearlings, 34 2 year olds and 24 3 year old ewes peaked at £138 and averaged £117. M A Andrews & Son, Ty Cerrig, presented 2 pens of 10 Texel x yearling ewes which hit £138 and £135 as well as 10 Mule yearlings which sold for £122. Strong yearling ewes were keenly contested selling from £120 and £140. Other highlights saw a pen of 13 Texel x Full Mouth ewes hit £146 from EA Marston, New House, and Full Mouth Mule ewes from O Ll Jerman & Sons, Tuhwntirafon, hitting £112. An entry of 358 ewe lambs peaked at £93 for 20 Texel x from E H Bennett, Trellwydion. 12 Suffolk Ewe Lmabs from G H Bayliss, Borfawen, hit £90.

Averages of the day were as follows:

Yearling Ewes (944) £107.25 top of £142.

Two Year Old Ewes (108) £93.94 top of £118.

Three Year Old Ewes (103) £89.61 to £118.

Full Mouth Ewes (121) £87.89 top of £146.

As found Ewes (256) £80.91 top of £118.

Ewes Lambs (358) £76.31 top of £93.

Approximately1200 breeding ewes for sale Next Monday, sale to commence at approximately 11.30 am following the sale of store lambs.


An entry of 26 cows and calves this week met with a top of £1980 for a British Blue x 2nd Calver with her Limousin x heifers calf from R Hughes, Llwyn Bank, Llanrhaedr. Next at £1900 was a 2011 born Limousin cow with a Limousin steer calf from R I Owen & Co, Cwmffynnon. MJ & RJ Lewis, presented a Blonde D’Aquitaine x cow with a Blonde Bull calf making £1780.

A Pedigree Charolais bull ‘Teme Leader’ from VAS & SM Corbett, The Gorther, made £1500.


An entry of 50 quality Bulling Heifers on offer from D J Lloyd & Co, Cefn Barrach, were keenly sought after selling to a top of £1730 for a Limouisn x British Blue Heifer. Closely following at £1700 were another two Limousin x British Blue. Demand on all outfits was strong seeing an overall average of £1397.20 being achieved. A breakdown of all prices were as follows: £1700 + 3 lots, £1500 - £1700 12 lots, £1300 - £1500 22 lots, £1100 - £1300 8 lots, <£1100 5 lots.


Today saw a catalogued sale of 247 Non MV Multi-Breed rams topping at 850gn was a Texel Yearling Ram from E L Evans & Co, Green Farm. J Ruggeri, Gwaelodyrhos, presented a Bluefaced Yearling Ram making 800gns. And entry of 16 rams from Llwynycrwth saw them topping at 600gns and 590gns. Ram lambs topped at 460gns for a Texel from H Vaughan, Dolcorsllwyn, also from the same home was another Texel ram lambs making 400gns. S Evans, Green Farm, presented a Charollais Ram Lamb making 380gns. Averages for the day were: Yearling rams £317.92, 2 Year Old Rams £295.50, Ram Lambs £201.20.

Forthcoming Sale Dates:

Thursday 6th October – Sale of Welsh Mule Ewes and Ewe Lambs

Monday 10th October – Multi Breed MV Accredited Ram Sale

Tuesday 11th October  - Sale of Organic Stock, Store Cattle & Weanlings

Thursday 13th October – All Breed Ewe Lamb Sale


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