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Welshpool Livestock Sales

Created on 21/12/2016 @ 07:52
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Christmas week meant it was a brisk day's trading at Welshpool Livestock Sales on Monday

OTMS (33)

A good show of Otm cattle this week reaching a top of £977.20 (140ppkg) for a 698kg Limousin from JI & RV Parry, Esgairweddon. Cows 48 to 72 months topped at £1183.20 (170ppkg) from IL & AJ Powell, Lower Cwmydalfa, wit a British Blue weighing 696kg. VE Lewis & Son, The Garn, presented a 28 month old Limousin heifer weighing 522kg making £876.96 (168ppkg).

Otm Cows (x23) averaged 94.02ppkg / £585.16.

Cows 48 to 72 months (x7) averaged 115.86ppkg / £745.98.

Heifers under 48 months (x2) averaged 141.76ppkg / £861.21.

Otm Bull (x1) averaged 106ppkg / £1108.76.

Overall average of 102.04ppkg.


An entry of 5807 prime lambs sold to an improved average of 171.12ppkg.

Super Lights (83) to 143ppkg from Llanllwyda Cyf, Llanllwyda. Others to 138ppkg from Evans Bros, Tynewydd. Average of 137.73ppkg.

Lights (787) to 226ppkg from M & H Owens, Glantre. Others to 195ppkg from D Chesher, Golwgybryn. Average of 151.52ppkg.

Standards (1399) to 236ppkg from M & H Owens, Glantre. Others to 211ppkg from M & H Owen, Glantre. Average of 170.35ppkg.

Mediums (1908) to 256ppkg from CL & C Watkins, Bank Farm. Others to 251ppkg from M & H Owens, Glantre. Average of 177.13ppkg

Heavies (1341) to 255ppkg from EL Evans, Derlwyn. Others to 242ppkg from T K Robinson, Tynewydd. Average of 170.71ppkg   

Over Weights (238) to 217ppkg from E L Evans, Derlwyn. Others to 208ppkg from EL Evans & Co, Green Farm. Average of 158.18ppkg.


A large entry of culls yesterday seeing averages of £50.61 for ewes and £73 for rams. Topping the section was 3 cull rams from JE & JT Evans & Son, Upper Cefn Penarth, making £124. B Davies, Brynpicca, presented a cull ram making £118.  Ewes topped at £121 for 7 ewes from E L Evans & Co, Green Farm. 6 ewes from R Evans & G Jones, Maesiwan, made £113.


An entry of 793 store lambs this week reaching a top of £67 for 22 Texel mixed and clean lambs from KA Jones, Penrhiw. I B Humphreys, Upper Bryntalch, presented 13 Texel x ewe lambs making £65.50. Wether lambs topped at £60 for mules from K A Jones, Penrhiw.  EG & SA Watkin, Pantyfalog, presented 20 Texel x tup lambs making £59.

Theave Lambs (253) averaged £47.93.

Mixed and Clean Lambs (331) averaged £52.42.

Wether lambs (94) averaged £47.07.

Tup Lambs (115) averaged £45.61.



Two dairy heifers forward this week selling to a top of £1580 for a Holstein Friesian heifer sired by ‘Gerard’ from WA & EM Morris, Maestanyglwyden. R D Thomas, Neuadd Lwyd, presented a Swedish Red & White x heifer making £1350.

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