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Boxing Day hunt sparks fierce debate

Created on 27/12/2016 @ 08:42
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Social media erupted in debate on Boxing Day as the annual Tanatside Hunt meet sparked a wave of comment and opinion.

Over 1,000 people lined the streets of Welshpool to watch the horses and hounds head into the countryside from the Royal Oak.

And while there was no sign of protest in the town centre, local protesters took to their key boards to vent their disapproval.

Hunt supporters including Glyn Davies MP and the Royal Oak itself posted pictures online of the huge crowds, but the posts attracted instant opposition. MyWelshpool’s post received a storm of protest with one declaring how disappointing it was that the hunt attracted more people than the Remembrance Parade.

As sentiment grew through the day, recently elected town councillor Nicola Morris shared an anti-fox hunting post and commented: “Not everything that is traditional is ok to continue.”

Under that a friend made a call to action by writing: “I'm embarrassed every year that this spectacle is allowed to take place in our town. Peaceful protest next year please.”

On our Facebook post, some of the language was a lot more colourful and several had to be removed due to our strict policy on keeping things clean and civil.

However, there were also messages posted of support showing that there is strong feeling on both sides.

While hunting foxes with hounds is banned in Wales, supporters use the high profile Boxing Day parades as an opportunity to show the Government that they still remain popular in many rural communities who want the ban reversed.

Mr Davies added: “Biggest crowd lining Broad Street on Boxing Day that I've ever seen. Most of them think as I do. No desire to go a-hunting ourselves, but resent others telling us exactly what we can and can't do. Same reason why most British people voted Leave.”


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