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Father blasts reckless driver

Created on 08/01/2017 @ 19:24
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A Guilsfield father has taken to social media to highlight the reckless driving that he claims could have taken his life at the weekend.

Darren Hyland was driving along the Llanerfyl to Llanfair Caereinion A458 road when he said he was literally inches from a collision caused by a car coming the other way.

Darren was so incensed by what happened that he ran his own shock campaign on social media by blacking out his image in a family photo and inserting the words “why is daddy not home, mummy?”.

Darren told us: “I’m not the kind of person to react to things, but my kids were very nearly left without a daddy and my wife without her husband.

“I was heading towards Welshpool and going around the Neuadd Bridge bend and some idiot thought it was OK to overtake a car coming towards me, just after the Meifod junction.

“How we did not collide still baffles me. The amount of miles I have done, to and from Anglesey and Trawsfynydd within the last 20 years, that has got to be the closet I have ever been to death.

“Due to it being dark and the shear disbelief of what I had just witnessed I could not take the registration, type of vehicle nor see the person who thought overtaking on a bend is acceptable!”

That stretch of road is notorious for accidents and Darren had one clear message for all users.

“We all want to go to and from home safely, please don't take risks!” he said.


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