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Welshpool Livestock Sales

Created on 10/01/2017 @ 20:30
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Welshpool Livestock Sales report on a sale at Buttington Cross, Welshpool on Monday.

OTMS (39)

A good show of Otm cattle this week selling to a top of £1222.02 (146ppkg) for a 837kg Limousin from EJ & AJ Roberts. Longlands. A Charolais cow weighing 820kg from J S Abel, Hendre-Aur, made £1164.40 (142ppkg). Cows 48/72 months topped at £770.64 (114ppkg) for a 676kg freisian from P O Gittins, Severnside Farm.  J P Rees & Son, Llettynbryn, also presented a 48/72 month old Limousin cow weighing 530kg making £710.20 (134ppkg). J S Abel, Hendre-Aur presented a 47 month old  Charolais heifer weighing in at 922kg making £1475.20 (160ppkg).

Otm Cows (x26) averaged 106.32ppkg / £710.33.

Cows 48 to 72 months (x4) averaged 114.18ppkg / £653.11.

Heifers under 48 months (x4) averaged 126.89ppkg / £863.19.

Bulls Under 72 months (x4) averaged 122.66ppkg / £968.37.

Otm Bull (x1) averaged 98 ppkg / £965.30.

Overall average of 110.74ppkg.


8 prime cattle forward from C J Davies & Son, Waengwyn, making a top of 221ppkg for a Limousin steer weighing 610kg. The 5 Limousin steers forward averaged 210.26ppkg. 3 Limousin heifers forward topped at 211ppkg for a 485kg heifer. Heifers averaged 203.24ppkg.


An entry of 4769 prime lambs sold to an improved average of 171.54ppkg.

Super Lights (26) to 130ppkg from WM Woosencraft, Lower Claes. Others to 128ppkg from EW Howells, Esgair Yr Hydd. Average of 118.91ppkg.

Lights (356) to 172ppkg from GE & T Davies, Carregybig. Others to 166ppkg from G T Price, Upper Penrhyddlan. Average of 153.55ppkg.

Standards (1102) to 222ppkg from I E Roberts & Son, Maesdyfnant. Others to 206ppkg from D P Casewell, Tanrhiw. Average of 171.88ppkg.

Mediums (1762) to 246ppkg from I E Roberts & Son, Maesdyfnant. Others to 238ppkg from CJ Davies & Son, Waengwyn. Average of 173.83ppkg

Heavies (1068) to 215ppkg from E W Jones, Tytanyfoel. Others to 212ppkg from J A Wood & Sons, Kinnerton Farm. Average of 162.75ppkg   

Over Weights (356) to 191ppkg from H G Ellis & Co, Tynywern. Others to 189ppkg from JR< RM< JP Andrew, Bronheulog. Average of 154.21ppkg.


A larger entry of cull ewes this week to last, seeing ewes average £47.38 and rams £71.33 for rams. Ewes topped at £120 from D Williams, Cefn Briw. CV & EM Lewis, Buttington New Hall, presented ewes making £115. Rams also topped at £120 from DW, VM, JW Jennings, Castellan Farm.


A seasonal entry of store lambs this week topping at £66.50 for a Texel tup lamb from R Hamer, Aelybryn. Mixed and clean lambs topped at £65 for Texel x lambs from DW & LE Morgan, Lower House. Theave lambs topped at £59.50 from JH & ML Breeze, South Moelygarth.

Theave Lambs (200) averaged £42.25.

Mixed and Clean Lambs (270) averaged £53.56.

Wether lambs (68) averaged £48.14.

Tup Lambs (211) averaged £46.84.


AN entry of 16 cows and calves on Monday topping at £1330 for a Blonde x 2nd calver with her Blonde Bull calf from N A Kirkham, Ridley House Farm. S Watkin, Mount Nebo, presented a British Blue x 1st calver with a Limousin x heifer calf making £1320. A breakdown of all prices achieved were as follows: £1300 + 2 lots, £1100 - £1300 7 lots, £900 - £1000 2 lots, < £900 1 lot.


An entry of 122 store cattle at the beginning of January sale. Averages for the day saw 202.02ppkg or £932.20 for steers, and heifers averaged 199.18ppkg or £869.59. Leading the wat with top prices per head were as follows:


Limousin (x1) 620kg £1285 D M Jones, Geseilfa Uchaf, Llawryglyn.

Charolais (x1) 585kg £1160 J A Williams, Llechwedd-Ddyrys, Caersws.

Limousin (x1) 545kg £1140 S & DJ Williams, Cefnllech, Pantydwr.

Limousin (x2) 450kg £1100 Collfryn Farms, Llansantffraid.


Limousin (x1) 475kg £1190 Colflryn Farms, Llansantffraid.

Limousin (x1) 465kg £1160 Collfryn Farms, Llansantffraid.

Limousin (x1) 590kg £1155 S & DJ Williams, Cefnllech, Pantydwr.

Limousin (x1) 485kg £1140 S & DJ Williams, Cefnllech, Pantydwr.

Top prices per Kilo were as follows:


Limousin (x2)450kg 244ppkg Collfryn Farms, Llansantffraid.

Limousin (x1) 355kg 239.40ppkg Collfryn Farms, LLansantffraid.

Limousin (x1) 385kg 235.10ppkg B R Corfiled, Rhos Royal Farm, Llandrinio.

Limousin (x1) 400kg 235.00ppkg A Roberts & Sosn, Dolau, Llanerfyl.


Limousin (x1) 403kg 251.00ppkg Collfryn Farms, Llansantffraid.

Limousin (x1) 475kg 250.50ppkg Collfryn Farms, Llansantffraid.

Limousin (x1) 465kg 249.50ppkg Collfryn Farms, Llansantffraid.

Limousin (x1) 370kg 241.90ppkg D M Jones, Gesailfa Uchaf, Llawryglyn.

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