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Berwyns’ UFO incident 43 years on

Created on 23/01/2017 @ 08:21
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It is 43 years to the day when residents to the north of our patch were embroiled in one of Britain’s most famous UFO incidents.

The Berwyn Mountains Incident on January 23, 1974, is still recounted to this day on television channels across the world when there was a reported sighting of a UFO crashing in the Berwyn Mountains.

People from as far away as Llanfyllin reported seeing lights in the sky prior to the said explosion and startling shaking of the ground which sparked frantic activity from locals in the villages close to the site.

At first it was thought that it was an aircraft crashing or a meteorite hitting the earth, but when the police and RAF found nothing and their searches were called off the following day, speculation started that it was a UFO that had crashed.

There were further rumors of alien bodies being found and that the area had been cordoned off to prevent the public from seeing the wreckage.

However, subsequent scientific enquiries found that the area had experienced a force 3.5 earthquake, which combined with a reported bright meteor had given the false impression of UFO landing.

Were you in the area that night? Drop us a line with your memories ( or feel free to comment on our Facebook wall.

NOTE: Thanks to ‘The History of Wales’ Facebook page for giving us the reminder!

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