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“It will only get worse”

Created on 07/03/2017 @ 07:34
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Fed-up residents have reacted with sharp language to the latest post from the town council complaining about fly tipping.

Town Clerk, Robert Robinson, publicly announced on Welshpool Melting Pot  that: “People are leaving black bags out with household waste in them on the streets and by the litter bins - this is fly tipping - please use your bins and Powys doorstep collection service. So you know we will be looking inside bags for identification and will be seeking to stop this practice. Thank you.”

But with rubbish collections now only once every three weeks and Potter Recycling set to only open three days a week, there was an understandable blast back from the public.

John Firth said that “it will only get worse” while Shane Clee called it “madness” and pointed out the fact that his council tax was shooting up at the same time as services were being trimmed.

Kath Sinden asked “what do you expect?” while Allie Jones stated “the council either needs to revert to bi-weekly household waste collections or stop charging ridiculous prices for purple bin bags”.

But one thing is for sure, the issue of bin collections is not going to go away any time soon and the council has reiterated its message that it will take action. Mr Robinson told us that if the council did not pick them up then the situation would get worse but added that they are going to start getting tough.

“It is an issue that people are taking advantage of and this needs to be controlled,” he said. “Powys County Council and the Police are behind us in prosecuting anyone who is caught fly tipping, and dumping bags on the street is fly tipping. We will be checking bags to see if there is evidence and will then take it forward to prosecution.

“We are trying to tread a difficult line between keeping the town tidy and not doing the job of Powys.”


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