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Council says there were no problems at recycling site

Created on 07/04/2017 @ 17:44
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MyWelshpool readers have been reporting chaotic scenes at Welshpool’s Household Waste Recycling Centre today but Powys County Council deny there were problems.

sThe centre, which is operated by Potters on behalf of Powys Council, was opened today for only the second time this week as part of the new scheme which sees it open for only three days instead of seven.

Soon after 9am MyWelshpool started receiving notifications that there were problems with traffic queueing from the Severn Farm junction as far as the recycling centre.

Other disgruntled visitors to the site were soon taking to social media to highlight more delays at the recycling centre.

Powys County Council staff have been monitoring the situation and an officer this afternoon denied there were problems.

“Just been to Potter's Welshpool at 9am traffic queuing from Severn Farm junction into the recycling yard. A disgrace.  When in the yard there were cars everywhere trying to get out, impossible,” said one unhappy customer.

Another viewer wrote: “Chaos at Potter's recycling centre, Welshpool, at 11a.m today. Cars queuing to get in, then driving unregulated in all directions before parking randomly to access the skips - a bit like the dodgem ride when the Fair is in town.

“The majority of the 'customers' seemed to be trying to gain access to the single, already-overflowing 'compost' skip, with disgruntled people struggling with sacks and tubs between the parked cars - accidents just waiting to happen?

“Heaven knows what the scene will look like on Saturday!. I imagine that the only people happy with the situation will be Powys C.C.'s accountants. Another case of our governing 'superiors' knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Nigel Brinn, Powys County Council’s Head of Highways, Transport and Recycling, said: “Household waste and recycling centres are usually busy at the start of a holiday period and during periods of warm weather.

“Officers from our waste and recycling team have been on site today.  Whilst the site was busy, the traffic was being managed to ensure that residents were able to use the centre.  During the several hours at the site, officers did not encounter cars queuing back to the main road.

“Short-term disruption is to be expected with these recent changes but we would anticipate they will reduce over the coming weeks once people get used to the new opening days of the centre.”

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