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30 days of fitness – Day Nine

Created on 09/04/2017 @ 09:21
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We’re all starting to feel the change here at MyWelshpool following the April advice of our friends at Great Fitness and today we have been given a double helping of tips.

Firstly, Chris Greatorex tells us that it is important to track progress to reach our goals.

“For every single one of our brilliant clients here at Great Fitness, we track their training sessions allowing us to keep on top of every detail on the road to completing their transformations,” he said.

“It can be as simple as a note on your iPhone, or a little notebook, which allows you to look back over your training sessions and help you plan where you want to get to.”

Secondly, his colleague Charlie Proctor reiterates an important nutritional tip that we have all been told by our parents but probably never let it sink in… Never skip breakfast!

“A very common mistake made by a lot of people. Even if it’s a quick bowl of porridge, try getting a healthy breakfast in to fuel your day and workout,” Charlie added.

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