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30 days of fitness – Day 11

Created on 11/04/2017 @ 07:10
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The plank has become one of the most effective and popular exercises for toning up but the advice today from our friends at Great Fitness is not to be a plank when you do the plank!

Whether you’re attempting to do a plank for as long as possible, or just a couple of 30-second reps, it is an essential exercise for improving your core strength.

Resting on your elbows, raise yourself off the floor in a plank like position. Try to maintain a technique where your entire body is basically straight, but with your bottom ever so slightly higher than the rest. Keep your stomach area tensed (switching your core on) for the duration of the exercise.

One piece of advice is to start by doing one for as long as you can, then try and add a second or two each day. You will be surprised by the difference it can make!

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