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30 days of fitness – Day 15

Created on 15/04/2017 @ 09:05
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We’re half way through our fantastic 30 days of fitness tips from our friends at Great Fitness and this is advice you should be taking on board if alcohol is on your agenda this weekend!

Of course the fitness purists’ advice would be to avoid all together, but Great Fitness are a lot more realistic and realise that we like a drink or two here in Welshpool.

Here’s what one of their personal fitness instructors Charlie Proctor advises:

“Alcohol and the weekend: We would never say to people, ‘stop drinking forever’ and all that type of advice because you don’t have to do that at all.

“Everybody enjoys socialising at the weekend and it’s ok to have a drink because you can still reach your exercise goals. Obviously, going out every single weekend will have a damaging effect but it’s all about finding a balanced lifestyle.

“If you can stay on track with your exercise and healthy eating Monday to Friday you will go a long way to achieving what you want to.

“If you were going to have a meal and a lot of drinks on a Saturday, just try to cut down for the following 2/3 days by about 200kcal each day, just as a rough guide.

“Moderation is key of course, but we would like people to realise that as long as you remain flexible and balanced with your lifestyle, you will go a long way to achieving great results.”

So we’ll see you at the bar later tonight!

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