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30 days of fitness – Day 17

Created on 17/04/2017 @ 06:41
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It’s one of the most common exercises we do in a gym but are we doing it right?

Great Fitness have stepped in to help:

“Begin a warm up set of say 10 reps with a very low weight,” said Chris Greatorex, from Great Fitness. “Lie back on the flat bench and place your hands just a little bit wider than shoulder width apart. Most bars have marking on them which help with hand placement.

“Push the bar up and steady yourself, making sure the bar is level with the bottom of your chest. Perform 10 reps of your warm up, going down to your chest and back up.

“To build strength you should aim for lower reps of around five, increasing the weight regularly. For more of a defined look, aim for higher reps with slightly lower weight.

“The bench press is a very common exercise which allows you to build on it in other exercises such as press ups and dumb bell press.”


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