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30 Days of fitness – Day 26

Created on 26/04/2017 @ 07:45
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Supplements have become an interesting subject in recent years as many of us turn to tablets and more to gain that extra boost.

Our friends at Great Fitness have tackled the issue with some vital pointers and here’s what they tell us:

“There is a large part of the industry that does focus on making money out of people who may not be too clued up on their supplements.

“There are certain products you definitely do not need to get yourself into a shape you’re happy with. Hard work and healthy eating will always be what’s essential no matter what.

“There are some supplements we recommend though:

-       Whey protein will aid your muscles’ growth and recovery when training regularly

-       Creatine will increase the energy supply to your muscles

-       Pre workout will give you a boost before a session (although a simple coffee will do the same)

-       Protein bars are very handy if you fancy a snack during the day

You can find any of these on sale at Great Fitness or the Armoury Sports Centre.


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