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30 days of fitness – Day 27

Created on 27/04/2017 @ 08:00
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It’s one of the most effective exercises to do, but are you doing it right?

Our friends at Great Fitness have decided to use Day 27 to show us how to execute the perfect sit-up

Personal trainer Charlie Proctor tells us: “It is an exercise that is done incorrectly quite a lot due to people just trying to get it over with and rush it.

“Always ensure you maintain a controlled speed on each rep.

“Lying on your back, keep your feet planted on the floor (if you need to weigh them down with a partner or a weight then that would be ok) and your knees bent.

“You don’t need to bring your chest all the way to your knees; you’ll find if you don’t go quite as far forward you will only be using your abdominal muscles and won’t be over exerting your hip flexors.

“You can put your hands on your legs and just reach just above your knees with them as a good way of knowing how far to go.

“Just try to maintain that crunch feeling in your stomach throughout. Three sets of 15 is a good range to begin with.”


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