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Two arrests after Guilsfield metal theft

Created on 30/04/2017 @ 18:59
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Two people were arrested and a vehicle seized on Friday in connection to the theft of scrap metal from the Guilsfield area.

Local police say that the summer months typically see a rise in the theft of metal and tools and hope that these arrests send a clear message.

“It is well known that a lot of thefts are spur of the moment and carried out by opportunist thieves,” said a spokesperson. “Our advice is to make it as difficult as possible for the potential thief.”

The following has been release as advice for us all to follow.

·      Ensuring any valuables are locked away and out of sight even for short periods of time.

·      Removing any means of transporting metal or tools away, such as wheelie bins and wheelbarrows.

·      Ensuring fencing and gates are secure to prevent easy access to your property.

·      Remove any means where possible intruders could gain access to your roof, such as water butts, wheelie bins, ladders and garden furniture.

·      Lock away any tools that could be used to break into your property.

·      Consider the use of motion detecting lighting systems.

·      Consider marking property and taking photographs making note of serial, chassis and model numbers.

If you see any persons acting suspiciously in your local area please contact Police on 101.


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