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School’s dressing down for facial piercings

Created on 30/05/2017 @ 07:37
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Welshpool High School has issued a dressing down for students expecting to bring their street fashion into term time.

In a post on its social media, the school said that it would be introducing a new school uniform in 16 months’ time at the start of the 2018 academic year, but in the meantime pupils should follow the school’s strict code of conduct on what to wear.

And while trousers and shoes were two items that the school highlighted, they have also underlined their strict ban on facial piercings.

“We would like to remind parents and students in years 7 to 11 on the rules with facial piercings,” the Facebook post declared. “The school rules are very clear; no facial piercings are allowed in school.

“This matter has arisen in the past and we have made it clear that if any student wishes to have a facial piercing that is their own private concern, but they should not expect the school to change the rules while a piercing is healing, etc., allowing that student to wear it in school during that period.

“Therefore, if a piercing is planned we would recommend that this is undertaken at the beginning of the summer holidays so that the piercing is healed and can be removed. It is unacceptable and unreasonable for any student to expect to be allowed to wear a facial piercing (covered or not) simply because they decided to have the piercing done during term time or a short holiday. We would therefore ask for full parental support on this matter going forward.”

The school has also advised parents and guardians to think about the school rules when buying trousers and skirts over the coming period.

“It is the intention of the school to have trousers and skirts available for purchase through our supplier in the next half term, through the summer and into the next academic year.

“This means that parents will have the option to purchase directly from the supplier, or from a retail outlet of choice, but the style must comply with the school uniform requirement if not purchased from our supplier.

“Additionally, we will be allowing the next half term as a grace period, where students will be able to wear their current style of trouser, but we expect all students without exception to be wearing suitably formal style school trousers as from September 2017, the beginning of the next academic year. The same ruling and timeline also applies to girls’ skirts.”

Meanwhile, the post said it was the “intention of the Governing Body to introduce a new school uniform at the start of the academic year September 2018. This decision has been made following the work and recommendations of the Student Council, which undertook surveys from parents, students and staff and consultation with the governors”.


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