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Day two of our June fitness burst

Created on 02/06/2017 @ 14:21
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We’re into Day Two of our dozen days of fitness for June as we rush to get in shape for the summer season!

Today our friends at Great Escape say that an exercise we enjoy least is unfortunately one of the best, while sharing another vital healthy eating tip.

“Here is one everybody possibly won’t enjoy – a press up burpee!

“Although it’s very similar to a regular burpee, you’ll be adding in a press up when you’re on the floor stage, and then jumping up from that into a regular burpee. It’s not the most pleasant of exercises but aim for three sets of 10 as a basic starting point.

“Our food tip for the day is to substitute your regular potatoes for sweet potato. It’s much tastier and rich in vitamins.

“Little changes like these can lead to your body fat decreasing in a sustainable way, whilst still managing to eat meals that are tasty. Eating healthy really doesn’t have to be as boring as people think.”


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