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Day three of our June fitness burst

Created on 03/06/2017 @ 11:53
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Our friends at Great Escape are today sharing one of the most effective exercises there is while providing top tips on pasta and rice:

“Day three’s exercise is mountain climbers.

“Although they’re not the most challenging in a technical sense, they are very effective. You’re improving your aerobic capacity at the same time as working both your core and your legs.

“We would suggest aiming for three sets of 45 seconds on these, either with your hands on the floor or on a bench; the latter being the easier option.

“Pasta and rice are our next tip when it comes to your food.

“Carbohydrates are not necessarily bad, if you have them in moderation and try to consume the majority of them before and after your workout.

“As for both pasta and rice though, your best option would be to try to have the brown or wholegrain alternatives as the sugar content is lower.

“As you will know if you followed our ‘30 days of fitness’ through April on MyWelshpool, sugar gets stored in your body as fat, which we want to keep to a minimum of course.”

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