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Day four is leg day!

Created on 04/06/2017 @ 07:45
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Great Escape have made day four of our 12 days of pre-summer fitness a leg day…

“Our fourth exercise to try is one-legged squats using a gym ball.

“By using a gym ball as opposed to a bench you are working on your core, balance and stability, as well as feeling the burn in every muscle group in your legs.

“It’s a pretty challenging exercise, especially if you add a dumb bell in each hand for some extra resistance. 15 reps on each leg, three times round is what we’re after.

“When it comes to nutrition today, this is possibly something you may have heard before, but why not aim for ‘10 a day’ as opposed to the general five pieces of fruit or veg people tend to suggest.

“With this mentality, even if you don’t manage to get to 10 in your average day, you’re still reaching the recommended amount of five. Clever thinking!”

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