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Day 5 of our pre-summer blitz

Created on 05/06/2017 @ 07:35
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Great Escape are getting tough with us as we approach the midway point of our 12 days of June fitness.... and it's not good news if you like fizzy drinks!

“Certainly a tough exercise, hanging leg raises are our next little bit of torture for you all.

“Hanging from a pull up bar is quite hard as it is for a long period, so when you add in leg raises, you guessed it, it becomes even harder.

“The usual three reps of 10 is a good starter on this one. Whilst working on your core and abdominal muscles, you’ll also be building on your overall strength due to the stress it’s putting on your arms.

“Our advice when it comes to a healthy diet for the day revolves around fizzy drinks. Coca-cola, for example, has a high sugar content so is obviously terrible if you’re looking to reduce your body fat or lose weight.

“Water is the best choice when it comes to what to have to drink, but even if you replace your usual can of Coke or Fanta with something like orange squash, you’ll notice a huge difference.

“Unfortunately, as nice as some of these drinks are to taste, if you consume high amounts of sugary drinks, your body fat is not going to be as low as you want it to be.”

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