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Day six – we’re halfway there

Created on 06/06/2017 @ 07:24
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Our 12 days of June fitness have reached the halfway mark with some perfect advice from our colleague at Great Escape.

The summer holidays are approaching (and hopefully some sun)...

“A variation of the well-known plank is what we have for day 6 – plank push-ups.

“In the usual plank position on your fore arms, you will be pushing yourself up into a straight arm plank position and then back down again. Repeating this process for say 4 rounds of 30 seconds is harder than it looks, and will improve your overall core strength in a big way.

“A slightly different idea for you today when it comes to a small change you can make to your daily food or drink intake.

“Try using almond milk with your porridge or in a protein shake as an alternative to regular milk.

“If you look at the nutritional values of the ‘Alpro’ unsweetened almond milk, it actually looks as though it is made of hardly anything, which of course is fantastic for your calorie intake.

“It’s just a healthy alternative which allows something like your protein shake to taste just as good.”

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