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A penultimate dose of 'medicine'

Created on 11/06/2017 @ 15:23
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We’ve only got one day to go in our pre-summer 12 days of fitness but Great Escape are not taking it easy on us today.

Personal trainer Charlie Proctor takes us through a toughie, and offers advice on a perfect start to the day...

“A medicine ball one armed push-up is the 11th exercise we’ve got for you to try.

“Alternating to each arm, you will be attempting a press up with one arm on the ball at one time. There is a certain degree of plyometric strength involved as you really have to explosively push yourself up as you change to the opposite arm.

“It’s definitely not an exercise for beginners but if you can work towards completing a set of 10 of these, it would show that your level of strength is very good.

“For our daily diet tip we are talking about breakfast today.

“As you may hear any of us here say regularly, skipping your first meal of the day is never a great idea if you want to feel energetic at work.

“There is also a tendency in this country to start your day with cereal or toast. Why not change this habit to an omelet or steak? There is no rule to say that breakfast has to be a carbohydrate based meal. Starting the day with a protein source is a very clever way of minimizing your daily sugar intake because we see a lot of people consuming high levels of it for breakfast.”

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