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Final day of pre-summer fitness

Created on 12/06/2017 @ 07:31
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They’ve certainly put us through it over the past 12 days but it has been worth it!

Thank-you to our friends at Great Escape for sharing a couple of tips a day over the past 12 days in our bid to get into shape for the summer.

It’s our final day, and personal trainer Chris Greatorex provides the grand finale!...

“We’ve reached our 12th and final day of our June column with MyWelshpool.

“We have one more advanced exercise for you to challenge yourselves with, and our last dietary idea that could make an effective change to your results.

“The exercise for today is the TRX Ys, Ts and Ws. It’s essentially a TRX row but you’re changing the position of your arms as you pull your bodyweight up into six reps of a Y shape, into six reps of a T shape and then six reps of a W shape.

“It’s a very good way to finish off an upper body session.

“As for healthy eating, the final tip to try is to eat natural!

“Basically, you’re looking at different meats, vegetables, fruits - all things that haven’t been processed in any way.

“It’s a very simple but effective point to bear in mind when doing your grocery shopping. If what you have in your shopping basket has been grown naturally it is more likely going to be good for you.

“It isn’t rocket science, but all too often people fail to buy basic foods and end up consuming excessive calories.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our latest blog. You’ve now got 12 extremely challenging exercises to try either at home or in the gym, and 12 ideas that you can add into your diet to keep it balanced.

“Come in and see us at Great Fitness on Berriew Street for any help or advice you may need, or for any personal training and gym enquiries. Alternatively, call us on 01938559007 for more information.”

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