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No problems with our cladding

Created on 28/06/2017 @ 08:18
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Following the tragic fire that killed dozens of residents at a council block in Grenfell Tower, Powys County Council has reassured its tenants that their properties are all compliant with stringent fire regulations.

External cladding is believed to have caused the tower block fire to spread quickly and in its aftermath, safety checks across the country show huge numbers of buildings are at risk.

But Powys responded by saying: “There are a series of stringent fire safety measures in place and the devastating events in London serve to underline the importance of these measures.

“There will inevitably be detailed reports and recommendations coming out of the proposed public enquiry into the fire at Grenfell Tower and we will take those on board and review policy and practice at that time.”

The statement added that during a routine meeting of the Housing Health and Safety Group, the Grenfell Tower fire and implications for properties owned by Powys County Council were discussed.

“In particular, the Group reviewed our use of external cladding,” they added. “The service confirmed that the insulation material used in our external wall insulation is an expanded polystyrene system, with a render finish applied to the external face.

“However, the way in which the material is encapsulated on our properties is very different to the way it was reportedly used at Grenfell Tower. The external wall insulation product is fixed to the dwellings with no significant void between the property and insulation, this means there is no continuous void to act as a chimney or oxygen source. The product is encapsulated within a render finish which should increase the fire resistance of the insulation system; this insulation system is certified by the British Board of Agreement.”

They added that one of the properties actually went on fire last year and whilst the interior of the property was badly damaged, the exterior cladding resisted the fire and remained undamaged.

“Therefore, we are reassured of the safety of cladding we have fitted to our properties,” it was concluded. 

“Finally, it should be noted that there are no high rise blocks in Powys, the highest block being four stories. This means that neither Powys County Council nor the Fire Service, face the same challenges in Powys as faced by those services involved in the London tower block incident.”

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