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Welshpool Livestock Sales

Created on 24/10/2017 @ 10:31
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Welshpool Livestock Sales report on a sale at Buttington Cross on Monday.

OTMS (38)

A Smaller entry of otm cattle this week saw cows topping at £1118.60 (140ppkg) for a Hereford cow weighing 799kg from EJ & AJ Roberts, Longlands. Top price per kilo on the otm cows was 158ppkg (£981.18) for a 621kg Limousin from I T Jerman, Oakfileds.

Cows 48 to 72 months topped at £866.64 (157ppkg) for a 552kg Limousin from MG Jehu & Sons, Penybank.

Heifers under 48 months topped at £1198.75 (175ppkg) for a Limousin weighing 685kg from G Lewis, Sychlyn. SJ & ER Meyrick, The Cottage, sold a 32 months old Charolais heifer weighing 783kg making £1143.18 (146ppkg).

Section round-up

Otm Cows (x21) averaged 118.84ppkg / £760.38.

Cows 48 – 72 months (x4) averaged 131.67ppkg / £768.29.

Heifers Under 48 months (x7) averaged 145.86ppkg / £904.34.

Otm Bull (x1) averaged 132ppkg / £1343.76.

Bulls under 72 months (x1) averaged 130ppkg / £942.50.

Steers -  under 48 months (x3) averaged 134.29ppkg /  £967.79.

Steers 48 to 72 months (x1) averaged 134ppkg making £858.94.

Overall average of 127.43ppkg.



An entry of 5476 prime lambs met with an average of 163.63ppkg.

Lights (353) to 168ppkg from RJ Roberts, Cwmrobe. Others to 161ppkg from T H Davies & Sons, Clegyrdwr. Average of 143.09ppkg.

Standards (1241) to 193pkg from M Davies, Caerafon. Others to 190ppkg from C J Davies & Son, Waengwyn. Average of 160.06ppkg.

Mediums (2342) to 263ppkg from J Stanley, 14 Rorrington. Others to 260ppkg from I E Roberts & Son, Maesdyfnant. Average of   167.45ppkg.

Heavies (1220) to 212ppkg from T H Vaughan & Son, Maesmochnant. Others to 210ppkg from J T Jones, Tynewydd Cyffin. Average of 164.74ppkg.

Over Weights (246) to 181pkg from K Thomas, 1 Hafren Terrace. Others to 174ppkg from IWL & PE Evans, Maescarneddau. Average of 155.72ppkg.


An entry of 2140 cull ewes achieved an average of £44.41. this was very similar to the previous week. Strong ewes were very much in demand again. Ewes peaked at £105.50 presetned by F & MJ Williams, Cefngwilgy Fach. An excellent consignment of texel ewes from D R Owen & Sons, Sandilands, reached £94.50. demand was again stronger for middle of the road ewes. An entry of 78 cull rams achieved an average of £81.50. trade was sharpest on well fleshed sheep with grazing ewes in less demand.

For More information contact Joe Powell (075055524943) or Sion Roberts (07852252371).


A Good entry of 849 store lambs this week topped at £74 for Texel x tup lambs from HM Rogers, Upper House. Theave lambs topped at £70.50 for texel x lambs from D E Bennett, Cwmgwernog. Mixed and clean lambs from T Gittins, Sweet Meadow, topped at £67.

Averages of the day:

Theave Lambs (259): £40.53

Mixed/clean lambs (218): £53.36

Tup lambs (311): £41.71

Wether lambs (61) : £49.61.


A final catalogued entry of 1025 breeding ewes and ewe lambs which saw the sale dominated by ewe lambs sold to a much faster trade that saw prices peak at £124 for 8 texel x yearlings from D A Jones , land house,. White faced mule yearling ewes from R J Randles, Oakfields, hit £122 with others from the same home selling for £120, £119 and £111.

2 year old ewes peaked at £104 for 4 coloured mules from JE Phillips, Lower farm, and 3 year old Beulah ewes from IL & AJ Powell, Lower Cwmydalfa.

Full mouth Welsh ewes from I & DW Davies, Gwern Y Bwlch, sold for £75, £69 and £6 with full mouth mules from A M Jones, Middle Farm, selling for £61. As found ewes peaked at £60 from M & A Powell, Drefor. A strong entry of breeding ewe lambs hit £101 for 3 Blue Texel x from AA Colucci, Great Cloddiau, with Suffolk x  and Texel x from the same home hitting £86 and £82.

An impressive entry of 216 Texel x Mule ewe lambs from WRL Price  & Co, Pencwm, peaked at £93 and averaged £84.

J A Williams, Llechwedd Ddyrys, sold Texel to £90 and D G Pugh & Co, Birches, sold mules for £88 and £74.

Averages of the day:

Yearling ewes averaged £93,

2 Year Old ewes averaged £108,

3 year old ewes averaged £79,

Full mouth & As found ewes averaged £52,

Ewe lambs averaged £72.

Forthcoming sales:

Tuesday 24th October – Store Cattle Fair.

Thursday 26th October – Evening Sale of Store lambs.

Tuesday 31st October – Sale of Weanling Cattle.

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