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Growing concern over “nightmare” road

Created on 07/12/2017 @ 10:01
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A Welshpool mother and several readers have waved the red flag this week over a residential road danger spot that appears to be getting worse.

Earlier this week, MyWelshpool joined an online debate about the speed cars are travelling down Brookfield Road, particularly later in the afternoon, and then, by sad coincidence, on Monday afternoon a teenager was struck on the pavement whilst walking on the adjoining Dingle Road.

It has highlighted the growing problem in that part of town which has increased since the arrival of more housing, and more cars, at the top of Red Bank.

“My son Luke, 15, was on his way home along Dingle Road at about 4.25pm when an elderly women mounted the pavement in her car and hit his leg which made him fall to the floor,” said concerned mother Kerie Palin. “She did get out and ask if he was OK, but she should have come to my door with him as we live very close.

“She had to go onto the path because of an idiot driver speeding down Dingle Road towards her. Luke is OK, but was very shaken up.”

Kerie said she has reported the incident to police, but her son was unable to remember fully what the lady looked like, but he does recall that it was a blue car.

“She caught him from behind and I suppose she didn’t see him on the pavement as he was in a black coat and black school trousers,” added Kerie. “The cars come speeding down there. Many times I have had to go up on the path to get out of the way.”

A number of readers have called for action to be taken in the area, particularly as traffic will increase considerably again when more housing is built on the Burgess Lands.

Dave Gannon described Dingle Road as a “nightmare” and regular user Sallyann Rogers said that speed bumps should be introduced as she too has had to mount the pavement due to the way drivers approach from the opposite direction.


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