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Residents fear fatalities

Created on 10/12/2017 @ 09:08
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Our recent stories over traffic blackspots has prompted another concerned set of residents to highlight their fight for a speed limit to be introduced.

Residents who live on the edge of Guilsfield have said that motorists are speeding way to fast through the Groes-Lwyd junction area and fear that only a serious accident will prompt action.

But they don’t want to wait and have even taken to creating their own warning signs (pictured) to try to convince motorists to slow down.

“Locals have been trying for several years to get a speed limit and a proper footpath,” said Suzanne Sheppard. “There aren’t a lot of kids here but there are non-the-less school kids crossing that very busy fast road.

“It has the added danger of having a blind bend coming from Pentrebeirdd, a staggered junction and the entrance to Harding’s, which is busy.

“I have witnessed several near misses with cars since we’ve been here over the past three and a half years. I once pulled out in my car then indicated to turn into Harding’s just as I was about to turn into the forecourt a car came at great speed along my driver side to avoid hitting me from behind, my car shook!”

Community and county councilors have been alerted to the danger, but Mrs Sheppard added worryingly that it has been mentioned that only a serious accident first will bring change.

The problem could increase with more housing developments proposed along the busy road opposite ‘Garth Pool’.

“There are no speed limits at all in that area and I have even put my own signs up saying ‘children playing slow down’.

“We are just concerned that something serious will happen, which we want to prevent.”

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