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Councillor attacks "cynical" attempt to block new Welsh school

Created on 11/12/2017 @ 14:26
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 A County Councillor has described a shock bid for “listed status” for Welshpool’s Ysgol Maesydre as “a cynical attempt to disrupt a major investment, and a total waste of money.”

This was the claim made today by Plaid Cymru councillor Elwyn Vaughan following the news that someone had asked Cadw, to put a listed building status on the soon-to-be-demolished Welshpool school.

Ysgol Maesydre is one of the sites allocated for the integrated redevelopment of junior school provision in Welshpool, with the Welsh medium school for 150 pupils to be located at there, and the English medium for 300 pupils, near the High School.

“This seems a clear attempt by someone to disrupt the implementation of a major investment in Welshpool, a much-welcomed investment, supported by parents, Powys County Council and the Welsh Government,” he said.

“This cynical and underhanded approach shows total disregard towards Welshpool parents and their children and is to be condemned in the utmost. This person should have the honesty and integrity to respect the democratic process that has been pursued rather than act in such a contemptuous manner.”

It is understood that the application for listed building status was made on November 27th and that Powys County Council have until January 2nd to present an argument why it should not be listed.

The application to list the site is made on the basis of the school being the first designed by a specific architect and due to its ‘architectural style’.

Cllr Vaughan added: “It is unbelievable that after all this time and effort by parents, school staff and Council officers that we have a deliberate attempt to disrupt this major investment in Welshpool.

“The demolition of the old Ysgol Maesydre forms an essential part of the development and enables the formation of a Welsh medium school at Welshpool for the first time. One can only conclude that someone has a specific agenda to oppose such a development.

“Why else, after all this time, would someone want to list a crumbling, asbestos riddled building. As if that wasn’t enough, this will inevitably cost the Local Authority substantially in time and money, and we’re all well aware how short both resources are.

“It is a disgrace and perhaps this person should pay the extra costs and apologise to the residents and ratepayers of Welshpool for his or her action.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Welshpool and let’s hope that Cadw sees this for what it is, a disruptive attempt, and that common sense prevails that allows this investment to happen for the benefit of all in Welshpool.”










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