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George wants assurances on Broadband connectivity

Created on 15/12/2017 @ 20:51
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Assembly Member Russell Georges has asked for assurances that all areas of Montgomeryshire will get high fibre broadband connection.

As the Welsh Government’s Superfast Cymru fibre broadband project reaches its conclusion on December 31st Mr George fears that premises previously “in scope” for an upgrade will be left in the lurch.

During a meeting with the Director of BT Wales to discuss the Superfast Cymru scheme he voiced concerns about repeated broken promises.

Mr George said: “While the Superfast Cymru project has been successful in delivering fibre broadband to many homes and businesses throughout Powys, it has been characterised by continual delays, poor communication, and lack of capacity which has left a significant minority of residents frustrated and wondering whether they will ever receive the upgrade which they were originally promised.

“My meeting with the Director of BT Wales did little to fill me with confidence that those premises which are still listed as “in scope” for an upgrade by the end of the year will actually receive one.

“Time is rapidly running out so it seems highly unlikely that those homes who have yet to see any work to upgrade their infrastructure will actually receive a fibre broadband upgrade as part of the Superfast Cymru scheme, in spite of repeated promises to the contrary.

“My concern is that the prospect of residents being left in the lurch increases substantially unless the Welsh Government intends on including these premises in the successor scheme.

“It is far from clear whether this will actually occur so I have written to the Welsh Government’s Minister for Technology to seek cast-iron guarantees that those premises who were originally in scope for a Superfast Cymru upgrade will be transferred into the new scheme.

“It would be unjust for those people who have been waiting patiently for an upgrade for months and even years in some cases to be told that they are not going to receive an upgrade at all.

“The campaign goes on to ensure that access to fibre broadband becomes universal and not a postcode lottery.”


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