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Who is your Community Champion?

Created on 04/01/2018 @ 08:10
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Welshpool will be recognising its unsung heroes once again through the Community Awards, with the town’s residents being invited to send in their nominations.

The awards were started in 2008, and to date over 40 people or groups have been acknowledged for the voluntary work they have done in the local community.

The Town Council has opened the nominations window which will close on April 18. The Awards are presented on Mayor’s Sunday, June 3, in the Assembly Room of the Town Hall.

Who can be nominated for a Community Award?

Any person or group may be nominated for an Award as long as they meet the following criteria:

·      The person or group nominated must have carried out its good works within the geographical area of Welshpool Town Council.

·      The person or persons do not have to be of any particular age.

·      The person does not have to live in Welshpool.

·      The person or group may have completed a good deed as a one off or may have done service over many years.

·      Nominations are not accepted for members of the Council or their staff, also nominations may not be accepted for those who already have an award.

Who can nominate someone or a group for a Community Award?

Anyone can nominate a person for a Community Award.

When must the nominations be submitted?

The nomination forms can be submitted on the official form by email or by post but must be with the Town Clerk’s Office no later than 12 noon on April 18. Late entries cannot be considered.

When will the Awards be presented?

The Awards will be presented by the Mayor on June 3 at 12.15pm in the Town Hall Assembly Room.

The Award will be in the form of a framed certificate and the name of the person or groups will be placed on the Community Awards Board on the landing of the Town Hall.


The person being nominated should not be aware of such nomination being submitted. If an award is approved the person nominated will be contacted by the Town Clerk.

Until after the awards ceremony the matter must remain private and confidential. If the information is leaked the Award will not be presented.

The person nominating will be informed of the outcome.

Where can I get any more information about the Awards?

If you need any further information please feel free to contact the Town Clerk’s Office on 01938553142 or email

There will no discussion or questions answered via Facebook.

Where do I send the nomination form?

To the Town Clerk at Triangle House, Union Street, Welshpool, SY21 7PG.

Tel 01938 553142  or email


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