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Yellow triangle scheme available for drivers

Created on 31/01/2018 @ 10:57
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Welshpool motorists are being urged to sign up to a scheme that could help emergency services find possible life-saving information about a driver in an accident. 

Powys County Council’s Yellow Triangle scheme is a means of quickly determining the driver’s details. 

The scheme has two elements, a ‘Your Details’ card and a yellow triangle sticker.

The card will give information about the driver’s next of kin, medical conditions, allergies and medications. This should be kept in the car’s glove box.

The yellow triangle will be displayed in the bottom left hand corner inside the windscreen, out of the driver’s field of view, to inform the emergency services that the information is on board.

Geoff Wilks, the council’s Road Safety Project Officer, said: “As most mobile phones nowadays are lockable and only accessible by a password, the mobile phone I.C.E (in case of emergency) system can no longer be relied upon to give the emergency services access to details.

“This scheme will go that one step further by not only providing next of kin details but details of the card holder’s personal information.”

To request a ‘Yellow Triangle’ scheme pack, contact

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