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Morrisons car park fiasco

Created on 08/03/2018 @ 10:18
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Morrisons is under-fire for sending hefty fines to shoppers in what appears to be a major technical glitch with their car park system.

The supermarket has been dishing out £85 fines to shoppers who they have accused of leaving their cars overnight, despite shoppers claiming that they have only been in an out in a matter of minutes.

The shop offers two hours of free parking, but the confusion appears to be caused by shoppers who are coming in on consecutive days and the registration system not clocking them out for some reason on certain days. Fines are then automatically generated.

Local businesswomen Kaye Derwas has highlighted the problem after her 86-year-old father received a fine this week.

“My poor dad visits Morrisons every day and yesterday got a letter with an £85 fine saying he’d parked there overnight,” she said. “All he did was go there two days on the run. He was really upset. Obviously I was aware that they keep sending out fines and he should dispute it but I bet there’s lots of other people who just pay up.”

We contacted Morrisons headquarters who told us: “If the customer has been incorrectly charged, we’ll be more than happy to cancel it.”

The spokesperson also provided us with this link for people to dispute the fine:

Meanwhile, one reader has called for a boycott of the supermarket until they sort out the issue, while others have commented that they are already avoiding the business and shopping elsewhere.


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