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Welshpool Market report

Created on 08/03/2011 @ 14:25
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Welshpool Livestock Sales
Messrs Morris Marshall & Poole and Norman Lloyd.
Welshpool Livestock Sales report on a highly successful auction at Buttington Cross Welshpool on
Monday 7th March 2011.
OTMS (33)
A reduced number of OTM cattle on offer, saw 27 cows averaging 101.43ppkg, Bulls 117ppkg and under 48month heifers 122.5ppkg and under 48month steers 138ppkg. D R Owen & Sons Sandilands presented a Limousin cow weighing 717kg to a top price of £1032.48. VAS & SM Corbett The Gorther presented a Charolais cow 830kg to £987.70. R Vaughan Jones Caethle sold a Limousin bull to £1019.07.
D R Owen & Son Sandilands receives the briarwood Products prize of £25 for the highest price cow sold on the day.
An entry of 16 fat cattle saw heifers averaging 166ppkg and steers at 164ppkg. GW & BA Haynes Trefnant Isaf presented four fat heifers to a top price of 193ppkg which was purchased by Rikki Lloyd of Welshpool and 177ppkg, 167ppkg and 165ppkg where all purchased by M J Birtwistle & Co. D R Owen & Sons Sandilands presented two fat steers to 176ppkg and 161ppkg. J M Rowlands Dolwen presented a heifer to 191ppkg. GW & BA Haynes receive the Briarwood Products Ltd prize of £25 for the highest price animal sold on the day.
An entry of 4400 prime hoggets, selling to a fantastic average of 198.8ppkg. 
Super Lights (9) to 172ppkg from D H M Evans & Son Fron Farm. Average of 162ppkg.
Lights (273) to 196ppkg from D H M Evans & Son Fron Farm, DB & EFJ Gethin Dolyrheol, T Jones Pengraig and P A Lloyd & TS Weibinski Cartref. Average of 186ppkg.
Standards (725) to 217ppkg from B Davies LLwynderw. Others to 215ppkg from D G Davies Rock Villa. Average of 197ppkg.
Mediums (1911) to 225ppkg from R A Davies LLwynderw and M P Harding Lower Cefnypwll. Others to 220ppkg from B Davies Llwynderw. Average of 200ppkg.
Heavies (869) to 200ppkg from CJ & LM Davies Lawns Farm and R E Evans & Son Dinnant. Other to 199ppkg from JM& BJ Langford Pwllan. Average of 190ppkg.
Over Weights (524) 193ppkg from J C Evans & Co Belannewydd. Others to 186ppkg from R E Evans & Son Dinnant. Average of 173ppkg.
CULL EWE (1490)
A reduced number of cull sheep today sold to a very good average of £63.24 for the ewes and £76.11 for the rams. Top market price for cull ewes was £124 per head form T Jones Pengriag and D S Jones Brynglas Bach. D S Jones Bryn Glas Bach also sold cull rams to a top market price of £132 per head.
D W Roberts Glancamlas sold ewes to £123 per head. EJ & AJ Roberts Longlands sold ewes to £120 per head.
A quality entry of 311 store lambs entered the market this week, selling to a very good average of £51.62. Texel tup lambs topped the sale at £71 from DM & DI Jerman Moelywigoedd, Tregynon. Mule wether lambs sold up to £68 from D Jenkins 7 Cwm Aur Llanilar. Texel mixed and clean lambs reached £68 from D S Griffiths & Co Briachyfedw Staylittle. Theave lambs made £60 from D O Jones & Son Tyddyn Oakley Park. Demand is remaining high with large quality making lambs selling to an excellent trade. Sale of Store Lambs to commence at 10.30am next week.
A small entry of 90 in lamb ewes selling up to £116 for two year old Texel ewes scanned 200% from R L Owen Tanycoed Meifod and as found ewes scanned 200% made up to £73 from J H Hockenhull Dairy Farm Badderley. Quality Suffolk ewe lambs scanned at 150% sold up to £110from B H Jenkins Cathal Cwrt Newydd.
68 couples entered the market this week. Texel full mouth ewes with twins topped the sale at £148 from Gittins & Co Giants Bank Abermule. Couples are excepted every week and to be sold at approx 11am after the store lambs and ewes.
Another big entry of 46 cade lambs selling up to £20 from R B Tudor Tynyberllan Aberystwyth. Cade lambs are excepted every week to be sold at approx 11.30am after the couples.  
A small entry of cows and calves were hard sold, but nevertheless two Simmentalx 1st calvers, one with a Limousin Bull calf and one with a Limousin heifer calf sold for £1190 and £1100 respectively presented by J Edwards Mount Farm. EPA & GC Morris Bedren Farm sold a Simmentalx 2nd calver with a Limousin bull calf for £900. A Blonde D’aquatainex 1st calver with a Limousinx heifer calf from HA & LL Humphreys Bryn Erwest sold for £845.
An entry of 25 weanlings and 54 organic store cattle met with a tidy trade with the best things the most sought after. Leading prices were as follows:
Organic Store Steers
Limousinx (x5) 476kg £875 I Cadwallader Glanhafren
Welsh Blackx (x4) 475kg £700 D Oliver Cefncoch Farm
Limousinx (x3) 355kg £625 R L Till Perthi
Limousinx (x5) 305kg £595 S Morris Gelli Lwyd.
Charolaisx (x2) 335kg £595 R L Till Perthi
Organic Store Heifers
Limousinx (x1) 390kg £605 R L Till Perthi
Welsh Blackx (x4) 400kg £590 D Oliver Cefn Coch
Aberdeen Angus (x2) 340kg £500 S Morris Gelli Lwyd
Limousinx (x1) 290kg £500 S Morris Gelli Lwyd
Limousinx (x5) 323kg £470 R L Till Perthi
Weanling Steers
Limousinx (x1) 590kg £870 PE & M Harris Talyrnau
Limousinx (x1) 420kg £670 DE & GV Jones Dolfrwynog
British Bluex (x1) £650 D Oliver Cefncoch
Limousinx (x3) 340kg £635 DE & GV Jones Dolfrwynog
Weanling Heifers
Limousinx (x2) 360kg £440 WW & OR Watkins Bronygarth
Limousinx (x1) 295kg £400 T G Owen Abernant
Limousinx (x3) 343kg £390 WW & OR Watkins Bronygarth
Charolaisx (x4) 290kg £302 T A Williams Haulfryn
Monday 14th March, Dairy Cows
Tuesday 15th March, Store Cattle
Monday 21st March, Cows and Cattle.
Monday 28th March, Dairy Cows.
Tuesday 29th March, Store Cattle. 
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