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Build more houses, Powys told

Created on 11/04/2018 @ 09:20
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Powys must build more affordable housing by 2026 in order to meet growing demand, an Inspector Report has told the County Council.

Overall though, the Report said that the county’s Local Development Plan (LDP) is nearing completion with an inspector ruling it to be sound and ready to meet the demands of the next eight years.

Appointed to undertake a public examination of the plan, the inspector has delivered a final report, which marks the end of the public examination.

The Inspector has ruled that some changes are needed to meet legal and statutory requirements and ensure the plan remains sound. They include:

·      An increase in the amount of new affordable housing to be built over the plan period

·      The provision of a policy framework for strategic resources and assets, biodiversity and the landscape that is clear, coherent and consistent with national policy

·      Clarification of where new housing development can take place within the county

·      Explain the approach to be taken to assessing proposals for alternative uses on employment sites

·      Establishing measures for considering proposals in relation to home working and farm diversification

·      A revision of the Renewable Energy Policy to ensure that the plan provides a clear, consistent and cohesive framework for the generation of renewable and low carbon energy from a range of sources 

·      The provision of a comprehensive policy framework for the management of waste and minerals related developments

·      The establishment of a clear, cohesive and realistic monitoring framework 

Cabinet Member for Planning, Councillor Martin Weale said; “We are nearing the final stages of the very lengthy process to develop a new LDP, an important plan that sets the framework for future development for the coming years.

“Most of the recommended changes have been put forward by the council in response to matters discussed during the examination. We are confident that the changes meet the requirements of national policy and we can adopt the plan.” 

The LDP now has to be adopted by full Council within eight weeks of receipt of the Inspectors Report, after which it will replace the UDP as the statutory document to help determine planning applications in Powys until 2026.

Anyone wishing to read the Inspector’s Report in full can find it on the Council’s website . Copies are also available at the council’s libraries and main offices in Llandrindod, Welshpool and Brecon.

The council’s Planning Policy team are happy to answer any queries about the LDP or the Inspector’s report. They can be contacted on 01597 827243 or

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